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VDT – a new perspective in the equestrian sport…


Virtual competitions are a perfect complement to ordinary competitions for beginners, people sharing horses, equestrian schools and experienced riders!

Who should participate in a virtual competition?

  • Anyone lacking experience who would like to know more about dressage and is interested in having his or her performance evaluated by an expert
  • Anyone who wants to have an accepted opinion / score from an expert on his or her performance and advice and recommendations for training
  • Anyone who would like to compete with others (internationally) and win rewards
  • Anyone who wants to avoid the stress to horses from transport and competition
  • Anyone who wants to work on nervousness when being evaluated
  • Anyone who is unable to transport his or her horse to a show
  • Anyone who thinks competitions are too expensive!
  • Anyone who is unable to compete because they do not own his or her horse
  • Anyone looking for challenges and goals in training!
  • Anyone seeking professional and independent feedback on his or her current level as well as advice for improvement
  • You work as a trainer / instructor in the equestrian sports and want to encourage your pupils to work on their goals and to train accordingly.

“We have launched an idea that makes it possible for you to be evaluated and to get feedback from internationally recognised dressage experts which helps you for further training. You can compete with participants from all over Europe and win attractive prices!”

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